$60.00 (include taxes)

Specialized back massage which includes “alive” oils that fall in the back as rain drops. The “alive” oils give oxygen to the cells, they are antimicrobials. The skin absorbs the oils and they travel around the tissues of the body, to clean and reduce inflammation. It helps to create and generate the cells. The technique detoxifies the entire body by the neurological system

$60.00 (include taxes)

The chocolate therapy is a whole body massage with oils and chocolate, it helps to relax and vitalize the skin. The chocolate makes the skin softer and works as an aromatherapy to relax the senses.

$28.00 – 38.00 (include taxes)

The anti-stress massage helps the body to take out the toxins which produce different health disorders such as: headaches, stomach problems, back, shoulders, nape pain, also insomnia, anxiety, petulance, lack of concentration, depression, etc.

It helps reinforce the energetic, immunology, respiratory and circulatory systems. It also reduces stress, helps the relaxation, and helps you sleep giving you a better concentration.

$30.00 – 20.00 (include taxes)

It’s a technique that consists on making soft moves with the hands very slow, repeating the moves so the lymph drains around the body. It is very good to reduce inflammation and fluid retention. The lymphatic system works with the immunology system to help improve health and the nervous system. The manual lymphatic drainage is one of the main therapies to improve the immunology system.

$25.00 (include taxes)

The reflexology is a technique which includes different massages and pressures on different points of the foot. It helps to relieve the body’s tension produced by the stress and different emotional moods.

The reflexology helps to diagnose the state of the body, and it improves the mental, physical and emotional part of the human giving to it harmony and relaxation.

$5.00 (include taxes)

It is a technique that consists of: a water jet with thermal water at the right temperature that hits the body massaging it. The water jet goes to the affected areas giving an instant pain reliever. It is relaxing, soothing and toning.