$25.00 (include taxes)

Technique that consists on different massages that reduce the fat on the tummy. It helps to reduce cellulitis and eliminate toxins, which leads to clean the organism and to improve the silhouette.

$20.00 (include taxes)

The hands suffer from a lot of external aggressions which lead to a disrepair. All of this caused dehydration, dryness and marks in the hands giving and old aspect to them.

The treatment includes a chemic peeling which exfoliates and revitalize the skin. The mesotherapy, which nourish, hydrates and at the same time protects the skin and makes it looks younger.

$60.00 (include taxes)

The moon shower is the perfect treatment to hydrate the skin of the body, it eliminates the dead cells. It is recommended to have it before body treatments because it will allow the actives or the creams to stay longer in your skin. It helps the skin to be scented and soft, it also helps to clear you skin avoiding marks. It is perfect to get a good tan.

$28.00 (include taxes)

This treatment helps to relax and rest your body. Exfoliates your skin with natural products which stimulates the circulation and relieve the sensation of soreness. It is a general massage over the main points of your feet which stimulates you and help you to relax.