Health and relaxation


The thermal waters from Baños de Cuenca are well known around the world because of its therapeutics properties. The water comes from the inner part of a geologic fault which looks like a huge wall, it is 400m wide and 10m high, it is known as “la loma de los hervideros”


The water in its natural way is hypothermal and emerge from the rock at 75ºC, which is the hottest thermal waters in Ecuador.  The water is then stored, allowing it to cool, and then goes to the pools and steam baths at a perfect temperature between 36º to 42ºC.


It is said that thermal water cures every illness and it is because of the minerals it has like: iron, fluorine, bromine, boron, iodine, sodium, chromium, silicon carbon and phosphorus. When you go in the water, the skin absorbs the minerals in little portions that go to the cells tissues and active the metabolism. The temperature of the water produces a pleasure effect in your body, it revitalizes and reduces the negative load. It also rehabs, relaxes and exfoliates the body.

Healing properties

The scientists, who has examined the thermal waters from Baños de Cuenca, agree that the characteristics of the water are ideal to heal and treat some illness such as: rheumatism, respiratory diseases, anemia, stress, acne, gastritis, gallstones, anxiety, etc. The steam from the water is rich in minerals that detoxifies the skin and helps the respiratory system by relieving problems such as asthma, bronchitis and colds. The therapeutic effects depend on how long you stay in the water, and the temperature of it.